What IS this?

"Behind the curtain" where you can't see, there are several lists of items. There's a separate list for characters, characteristics, actions, genres and locations. When you click the "Boil Another Plot" button, PlotBoiler takes a random (and unique) set from each of those lists and creates a storyline from those items so you see something different every time.

If you'd like to add an item to one of these lists you can do that in the "Add Your Own" section below. If you just hate the whole thing, you can voice that opinion as well in the comments area below that.

Plots can be saved as well. So if you really like one, hit the "Save This Plot" button and enter your name. You'll be given a link so you can view your saved plot anytime and it will be added to the PlotBoiler Hall of Fame.

Add Your Own
Add your own possibilities to PlotBoiler below.
Just type something in and choose a category for it.
If you're adding a character, please try to add a character description as opposed to a specific person
("A bad-ass ex-president famous for his safari trips" instead of "Teddy Roosevelt")
so the genderless characteristics will work better.


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